Take the Now.

All we ever have is the Now. We do not exist outside of it.

We might change shape or state or even the universe, who knows, but we always exist in the now. And the Now that is not taken, always stays as the un-taken Now. A Now of non-action will always be that. And they accumulate… They get more and more difficult to step out of. So do take the Now, now. This precious one, right here, for you, Now.

Make it special, make it worthy, make it so that even if you die the next one, it will be all worth it, because of this Now, now. We let them slip by as if we have infinite number of them in front of us and we do, but this one chance that this Now brings, might never present itself again. Because it is paired with this one Now, they come in dancing together, following the song of your soul, calling you to action. You know what calls you… are you honest with your heart or are you hiding, as if this Now was trying to hurt you? As if anything dancing to your souls music could hurt you… It is all the reasons you tell yourself why you have time and why not Now, that hurts your soul and it is because of that that you are leaking your precious power. You are not taking it, it can not flow, so it leaks. And you know it. Because you are not stupid. But it is easier to hide behind the reasons why not to take the Now. Of course there are many excuses available. But the heart knows…

The heart always knows and because of that, so do you. And the sooner you start taking your Now’s the better. Because it is far more difficult to get out of the hands of inaction once you say yes to it, that it is to say no in the first place. Ego is a gorgeous monster, it takes care of us in its own specific way that can turn us off almost completely to our own heart. But sooner or later you will have to pay for all of it. All the turning off is on you, never forget that, and it does not come cheap. I know, I have a lot of experience and I am still paying the interests by having difficulty with taking the Now, a lot of times. And though some might call me a master of Now, I am still far away from the Now that I know is here for me.

So really, take the Now, it is here, just for you to do some most insane, most difficult, most risky, most heart following decision! And do it every moment.

Live! Fully. Present. Honest. Open. Loving. Free. Now <3