Surrendering the authority over our own truth

How fast we are, humans, to surrender what is our greatest power, the owning of our truth, to someone else.

We ask cards, we ask psychics, we ask friends and complete strangers for advice.
Why is our life as it is. What did that mean. Why did that happen. What is coming. Will it ever be? Who am I? Where does my soul come from? Where is my home? Why does my heart hurt? What is my mission? Is he/she the one for me? What should I do? And so on.

And we hand it over, just like that.
We were kings and queens of our worlds. Until we gave it away, seeking answers outside of ourselves. We want to feel connected. We want to feel seen. Understood. Known. Recognised! We are drawn to anyone claiming to do that for us.
Even complete strangers. Instead of seeking this connection within we seek it outside. We create this reality in our heads where they are not strangers, where they are more connected to higher realms than us. More awake. Aware. They channel our higher self. And many others, angels, masters, beings, what ever they claim – we buy.
And we believe. They say one thing and we feel the resonating thought in us and buy it. They can say anything, we will always find a part that resonates. You are the happiest person? I am! You are often unhappy? hm, actually that is true, not that often, but sometimes I am extremely unconnected, that could count as unhappy… yeah, I am! I am anything you say! I am this and I am that and this will happen and this is coming, I create my reality based on what others tell me is true for me.
We let our stories be told by others. With their words. Through their minds. And we buy them.

Why are we so fast to seek anything outside ourselves? Do we really believe there can be anyone that knows our truth better than us?? That our higher self speaks to anyone else more clearly than to us?? How little faith in our own knowingness do we have…

I know, it is easier… It is easier to give our power away than to own it, every day, claim our sovereignty every day. Because that means we have to take action, every day. And a huge part of us is so not up for that… It is so much easier to give in, surrender a little of ourselves to others and stand on their words instead of ours. So much easier… to follow someone else than find our own path through all the wilderness of our inner world.

But in the end, the price we pay for that is huge. Surrendering the authority over our own truth is no fun. Limiting our possibilities with the ones someone else gives us is not really living a full life, is it? How can we know where our path will take us if we limit it with what someone else tells us about it.

How about we just own it, all of it at once, all possibilities and realities at once and just go with the one that we feel leads to freedom, expansion, joy, even if it goes through a lot of mud to get there? How about we claim, once again, the rulership over our own kingdom/queendom and our knowingness to make it the best for us? Claim you own heart story and live it passionately, fully. Like an artist, observing the empty canvas, seeing the picture in her mind-heart, feeling it done and then making the stroke, the one that needs to be made to fulfil that vision. I am an artist and I create with my vibe. So instead of buying words of someone else, make sure you vibe is aligned with what you want to create and then just do it, as a queen or a kind that you are.

Do not let someone else tell you what your strokes should be, only you can ever really know that ❤️