Let your story be one of heart

“Stories only happen to people who can tell them.”
– Allan Gurganus
What is your story? Is it the story of the heart or story of the mind? Story of freedom or limitation? Is it one of adventure, expansion, love, joy, service? Overcoming the shadows, trials and tragedies only to be constantly reborn into a truer and truer expression of divine love that you are at your core? Or is it one of control, victimhood, surrender and blame? What ever it is, do realize that it is just a story. And you can always change it. I changed mine. I am changing it still, constantly realigning to what feels free and open for me.

From a total victim in this deep and dark place, asking myself if I would be alive in ten years, perhaps even five, to this soft and grateful being loving life so passionately, surrounded by magic and constant opportunities to let more love shine through. I changed the story that was binding me and started living the new one. Of course I had to do a lot and go through a lot but right now, this is a story of freedom, of empowerment, of stepping into my light. The theory is so simple… The practice takes you through everything that can not let go of the old story. So it is not simple, it is full of challenges BUT it is how the story changes. And it can.

Luckily there are so many beautiful people around us that help us when we can not do it on our own. We are so blessed, in this story of mine! The whole Universe is here for us. To show us where this story is not aligned with the heart, with soul. We feel it, inside. The pain of lie. The truth does not hurt, it frees you. So listen to the story of your free heart and go after it. Let it sing to you, dance you, pray you, let it do what ever is true to it, this precious heart of yours. This is the only story worth living. For you. It might be completely different from mine. Probably is. It is only yours and it wants to be lived. It is the only one worth being lived. And it is probably 10000 times more amazing than the one your limited mind can tell. The story of your pure heart… Because in my story, that is the only story worth living.

Let it expand your universe, let it whisper how it wants to be lived. Let it take you to it. Follow it with everything you have. Even when it means to go deep into the underworld of your buried pain, do not run away from it. It is just how the path goes, up and down and up and down, like the moon, the beautiful queen of shadows that keeps digging and bringing them up to the light. Be grateful for it for you know the sun is always shining on the other side and you will be one step closer, one huge step closer to the person you came here to be.

Just as you are the one dreaming your story, the divine is dreaming you. You are an embodied dream of the love so infinite and potent, it had to materialise in its sheer power. You are being dreamt, your pure heart always connected to it’s source, guiding you to the state of being your dreamer dreams for you. And this state is always infinite love. No matter how long it takes, we are all going there. No need to hurry, enjoy the ride as much as you can, because it is one of a kind. The universe expands through us. Love lives and loves through us. Let us all be the most amazing vessels for this divine love to live and express through! Is this not worth going through all the bullshit stories of our minds and past lives and all the pain and wounds that we collected though our journey? Is the love not worth giving it our all?

Of course it is. And it is what many of us are already doing. I love my FB community, so many people that inspire me, that I resonate with, that push me forward when the going gets tough. We are the ones anchoring the love into this world. And the world is changing with us, through us. We are the change. And if you feel you are not, just become it. It IS your story. You get to decide who you want to be.

So do you want to explore the story you would love to live? You want support, someone to help you find the one truest to you? And someone who would support you in living it? I am here for you. And so many other wonderful people… we are all in this together <3

… at least in my story.