You are sacred. A living prayer of love to itself.

You are sacred.
All of you. Just as you are. Now.
Or yesterday. The day before. Existing now.


I am playing with words…
But you get what I mean.


Your pure heart, forged by the purest dream in the depths of cosmic womb, breathed into life with the orgasmic breath of Love itself, how can you be anything else than divine?


My beloved, sister, brother, mirror, how do you not fall in love with yourself every second? Do you hear your hearts song, singing of magic and dreams that come true just beyond the mind’s story, of service to this most incredible creation, planet, your own heart? It wants to serve! It wants to experience itself joyful, free, flowing, exploding at the speed of light from pure ecstasy of existence. It wants to expand and experience in the direction that feels home. Home – the vibrational alignment with the intention it was birthed with. I think that is real home… Different for each of us. Or perhaps one and the same, the intention after all just might be simply – infinite love.


You are sacred.
A living prayer of love to itself.